Sunday, July 3, 2011

I want i want i want:)!

Current "Want List"

Just thought id share:)

{Zebra Pumps from Charlotte Russe}

{ Ruffled skirt from Forever 21}

{ 2011 Mazda 6 <3 <3}

{Hot Couture perfume by Givenchy}


Have a Blessed Sunday

Love always,


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!! and new items;)

Happy Birthdayy too meee!!

Yesterday was my 19th (my last year of having the excuse of being a "teenager" to get away with things)

It started out Horrible i woke up late after 3 hours of sleep and i had a 10 hour work day ahead of me {work on my bday!!!:( how mean!}

I then could not find my keys ANYWHERE so i ended up having my dad drive me to work and was 10 min late.

So i was sitting at my desk takeing calls half asleep with a raging migrane ( Im a customer rep for nintendo) thinking "This is the worst day of my life when someone tapped the back of my seat. I looked back and saw our administrative assistant standing there with a Bouquet of GORGEOUS red roses.

Turns out my amazing Boyfriend {who lives 700 miles from me :/ } arranged to have the roses delivered with a sweet note to my work.

Well needless to say it made my day<3

{The roses}

My gorgeous Amazin boyfriend <3

Me and Jonathan:) First time we met . Together 1 year and 4 months through thick and thin he is my best friend:) Love you Baby!!

{And on a Random Note}

I have a couple new items available on etsy. Check em out;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight~ Lolas Room Photography& Kelsey Genna

Let me share some Adorable shops with you. Their fun Romantic and Sweet and i def plan on buying from them in the near future. {Dont drool to much ;) }

Gorgeous photography prints!

This is soo cute it reminds me of the 5o's for some reason:)

{ Once upon a Time}
Beautiful describes it all

I want to run errands on this bike so cute!:)

Kelsey Genna

Her Clothing is Gorgeous and one of a kind <3


Im in L<3ve!! so pretty

{Tangerine Blouse}

Ahhh !! i want i want i want!!

Visit these Ah-Mazing shops and make sure to let them know DawlingCouture sent you by!

xoxo HannahBeth

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Tuesday is for Pink and white~

Today i want to share with you some Fab pieces that are in my current favorite color combo obsession {yes they change weekly ;p}


This darling Rosette hair clip is droolworthy! I love hair accessories that are simple and classy <3

This sweet clutch is perfect for a cashual or dressy outfit. <3

I want this Gorgeous painting in my room, Even though my room is red black and white and would totally not match:) (change of decor in the future? YES!)

eeeee!!! LOve love LOVE!! This Dress is Amazing i could so see myself in it with a rolled sidebun and little white gloves;)

Thanks for visiting! i have some awesome tutorials planned so keep checking back;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Spotlight~ 5dollarfrenchmarket~

Bonjour ;)

Lets take a trip today to a wonderful shop filled with so many pretties you can hardly choose <3

I ran across this shop one day on Etsy and HAD to order one of their items. My first purchase was a set of 15 hand stamped glassine gift bags. Lets just say when i recieved them i fell in LOVE<3! The shipping was fast and not only where the bags totally Ah-dorable but they sent me a yard of cute scrunched brown seam binding ribbon, two yummy candies and a cute card.

This shop is filled with soooo many choices!! Handstamped Candles, Gift bags, keychains, ribbon, tags, journals and so much more!!

And the best part? Everything in this shop is only $5!!!!

So lets go on trip to the 5dollarFrenchMarket!

Beautiful colorful hand dyed "French Romance" seam binding ribbon

Beautiful handmade Eiffel Tower Tags <3

how unique and cute are these?

White handstamped french Candles

Writeing your thoughts would be so much more fun in a beautiful Journal like this! :)
Check out this beautiful shop and tell them Dawling Couture sent you by <3
Au Revoir!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tutorial comeing soon!

I will be posting in the next couple days a fun, easy and cute hairclip holder:)
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~black and white tutorial~

alright so some ppl have been asking how to do the black and white pics with just one focus point of color so here's a tutorial! yay:)!! (i messed up on this one and missed a few spots lol don't hold it against me ;))

step 1- go to

#2 upload a picture you want to edit

#3 select the tab on the top of the page labeled "create"

#4 there will be some tabs that say effects,touch ups,frames ect. select

#5 select the option on the top left hand corner that says black and white"

#6 a little box will pop up that has controls for size of brush, brush strength ect. on the bottom of that box will be a little box that says "reverse effect" your going to want to click that box and a check mark will appear in it.

#7 your paint brush will look like a circle. now you can paint around the object you want left in color with black and white!:)

if you have any questions about this just ask!:)